The Comfortable Middle

Apparently, has a new feature that automatically publishes to Facebook when you RSVP for an event. My Facebook statuses generally garner anywhere from zero to five responses. This one auto-post generated 30 responses in under an hour.

Tonight I’m attending our local Homebirth Meetup. I joined this group when I began my doula training, because I support homebirths and I wanted to connect with the community to offer my services.

Moreover, I have always wanted to give birth at home. I see birth as a natural process that can be accomplished without intervention in the vast majority of cases. I see no reason to go to the hospital unless there are complications.

When I saw the cascade of comments begin to arrive in my notifications box, I braced myself for the worst. Homebirths are not the most socially acceptable choice, and I know women from the community who have suffered much guilt at the hands of well-intentioned (but usually uninformed) friends and family members.

So imagine my surprise when every comment turned out to be supportive. Perhaps the response will be different when I am actually expecting, but at this point, every single reply came from someone who was excited about the idea of a homebirth. Friends I barely knew or hadn’t talked to in ages emerged with stories of friends or family members who had successful homebirths.

C.S. piped in at one point with a typical tongue-in-cheek response: “We’re going to name the baby “Granola” because according to H.H., it’s going to be cloth diapers, homemade baby food, born at home and probably wrapped in recycled burlap for the first year of its life.”

And although that comment made me laugh out loud, it only strengthened the voices of my supporters who responded positively to all of those choices (aside, perhaps, from the recycled burlap swaddling).

Such is the life of the Half Hearted Hippie…even when I think I’ve gone full-on hippie, I find out I’m still just somewhere in the comfortable middle of the road.

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