Breaking My Heart

Frenchie at the Vet

Frenchie waits to the see the vet

He’s my sweetheart. My handsome boy. My practice baby.

And he is in pain. So much pain.

I don’t know what happened. Saturday morning he cried out in pain for no apparent reason. He did it again, and we rushed him to the vet. The vet gave him morphine and prescribed steroids and crate rest. He theorized that it was just a strained muscle or possibly a pinched nerve, and told us to monitor him and try not to worry.

His condition was unchanged Sunday, and we hoped another night of rest would help.

He woke at 4:30 this morning screaming in pain.

Another trip to the vet. Another shot of morphine. X-rays that showed some spinal abnormalities. A referral to a trusted surgeon who specializes in French Bulldogs and has two of his own.

He is on his way to the specialist now with C.S. while I wait by my phone at work trying not to cry. My poor baby.

UPDATE: Frenchie will go under the knife in a few hours. The surgeon believes he ruptured a disc in his neck and is very concerned about his rapid decline. (Yesterday he was walking fine and crying sporadically. By this afternoon he was unable/unwilling to stand, unable to correct his foot position, and crying constantly without narcotics.) He began assembling his surgical team immediately and they will be operating asap. French Bulldogs are notoriously bad when it comes to their response to anesthesia and this is major surgery. I am terrified and sick with worry. Please send good thoughts his way.

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