This is a personal blog that will detail the ups and downs of my daily life, with a particular focus on the delicate balance of trying to live a thoughtful, simple, eco-concious existence in a modern, suburban culture.

I am a professional nanny and am currently training to be a childbirth educator and labor doula. So there will likely be a particular focus on issues that deal with pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing.

I chose this name — the Half Hearted Hippie — because although I often want to do better, I rarely muster up the energy to do it. I have a tendency to take the easy way out. When things are easy — recycling, CFL bulbs, low flow toilets, front-loading washer/dryers, eating organic  — I am certain to do it. When things are more difficult — buying only local food, making my own cleaning supplies, commuting via bicycle — I am unlikely to do it, at least in the long term. I’m famous for jumping on a ec0-bandwagon and falling off within a few weeks.

This blog is not necessarily my attempt to do better. For the most part, I like the balance I have found. I will never be a super-hippie who lives off the grid, grows all my own food, bathes only in collected rain water, and powers my appliances with a converted stationary bike. I think all those things are amazing. I love reading about people who live truly simple, thoughtful lives. But I like my creature comforts. I like living in a culdesac, playing on my iphone, and drinking Starbucks. My goal is not to become an entirely different person. I just want to examine my own choices and make sure I am trying to do my best. And maybe this blog will help me (and others) find more easy ways to do what is right. But more than anything, this blog is simply a chronicle of my life and all it encompasses.

Please check out the cast of characters page to learn more about the half-hearted hippie and meet the members of my family who will surely play a supporting role in this blog.



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