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One Month Later

. At the risk of sounding like a halfhearted blogger, many apologies for the lack of posts lately. It’s been a crazy month full work, home renovations, doula trainings and dog recovery. More about the first three later, but for … Continue reading

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Second Surgery, Same as the First…

After two days of rest and recovery at the animal hospital, it’s clear that Frenchie’s surgery was not a complete success. His wonderful surgeon was forced to close early due to the excessive bleeding. And while we had hoped that … Continue reading

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Breast is Best…But What About a Backup Plan?

I forgot how much I hate the smell of formula. It’s been over three years since I’ve handled the stuff. The babies I’ve cared for in the last three years have all been fed expressed breast milk, so it’s been … Continue reading

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Frenchie Update

Frenchie is awake and officially in recovery! His nurse reports that he was able to stand and walk a little this morning and that he is able to go potty on his own (which is a wonderful sign). The problem … Continue reading

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Breaking My Heart

He’s my sweetheart. My handsome boy. My practice baby. And he is in pain. So much pain. I don’t know what happened. Saturday morning he cried out in pain for no apparent reason. He did it again, and we rushed … Continue reading

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Two Lines

A few times over the years, I’ve waited with baited breath while friends watched a little plastic stick for the appearance of a second line. That little line — or the absence of it — has the power to change … Continue reading

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The Comfortable Middle

Apparently, has a new feature that automatically publishes to Facebook when you RSVP for an event. My Facebook statuses generally garner anywhere from zero to five responses. This one auto-post generated 30 responses in under an hour. Tonight I’m … Continue reading

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