Cast of Characters

Half Hearted Hippie — Well-intentioned but lazy environmentalist. Always looking for new and easy ways to the save the Earth. A big fan of organic, local, and chemical-free products but with a tendency to forego those ideals for reasons of convenience or budget. A professional nanny of over a decade who is now transitioning to a career providing Childbirth Education and Labor Doula services.

Content Suburbanite — Loving and supportive partner who refrains from rolling her eyes at most (but not all) hippie fads. Typical suburbanite who recycles faithfully but considers composting and planting anything but flowers to be slightly ridiculous hobbies. Adamantly opposed to “harebrained” ideas like raising chickens in the backyard of our suburban home.

Frenchie — Ridiculously cute (and ridiculously spoiled) French Bulldog who couldn’t care less about the environment, as long as it continues to supply him with food twice a day and the occasional treat. Always willing to tolerate new (and short-lived) hippie fads and observes without judgement when those fads fall by the wayside. Frenchie was adopted just before Christmas 2009 at the age 2 and a half. Because of the love and joy he brings to us daily, we devote a good portion of our free time to volunteer work with The French Bulldog Rescue Network.


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